Wagner Carpet Rare Exhibit in Glasgow

Published: 02nd February 2010
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To celebrate the arrival of spring and Nowruz - the Persian New Year festivities - the Burrell Collection will be displaying for a few days its prized but rarely seen Persian carpet, better known as the Wagner Garden Carpet.

From the 27th March - 11th April 2010 the carpet, woven some 500 years ago, will be on display in Glasgow's Pollock House, home of the city's famous Burrell Collection. The rug which was bought in October 1938 by Sir William Burrell cost £2,750, a staggering amount of money given that the average house price during this period was a mere £500. The rug has been part of the collection ever since but has only been on display twice in the past 15 years to preserve its integrity.

The unusual garden panel rug is perhaps the second-most important knotted rug in the UK only behind the Ardabil Carpet which takes pride of place in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The Wagner Garden Carpet is considered to be one the three earliest surviving Persian garden carpets, the other two being the Jaipur Museum and the one at the Museum of Industrial Art in Vienna highlighting its importance in the history of Persian culture and arts.

It is hoped that the exhibition of the rug will boost the popularity and presence of hand-knotted Persian & Oriental Rugs within the local and UK art communities as well as promote an ancient and cultural means of expression. The event will include family workshops and story-telling sessions and is aimed at bringing the Persian and Scottish communities closer together.

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